Bloom of Privet — An Image

Bloom of Privet 2.jpg

“Bloom of Privet” — 6/17

Allowed to bloom

along the sidewalk,

the privet hedge spills

a white drift of blossoms

in a frill

of sweet scent.

— C.Birde, 6/17



Chimera — A Poem


Blue Jay.jpg

“Blue Jay” — C.Birde, 5/24/17



in admiralty blue,

rank dabbed and denoted

in white and black,

he clutches,

in an executioner’s grip,

the limp featherless form

still pinked with the breath

of recent life.


in delft and gray,

eyes bright with a

sunset captured,

she is pursued and scolded.

And I,

a witness apart,

must remind myself –

there is

no malice present,

nor joy

in the other’s suffering.

There are

no monsters


— C.Birde, 5/17



Bird, Mocking — A Poem

Mocking bird detail.jpg

“Mocking Bird” (detail) — C.Birde, 5/15

Standing tall

on slim black legs,

talons pricking

aged granite,

the Mockingbird

flicks his tail,

cocks his head.

He follows my progress

with pearl-gray eye,

listens intently

when I speak.

And once

he has collected

my words,

my intent,

he parses and restates —

more perfectly,

more succinctly,

more beautifully —

in song.

— C.Birde, 5/15




Cherry-Blossom Path — A Poem

Cherry blossom path - large 2.jpg

“Cherry Blossom Path” — C.Birde, 5/17


Much is written

of rose-strewn paths;

but I prefer to

tread —

lightly, bare of foot —

the petals

dashed to ground

by recent rain

of the leaning cherry —

still pink,

still damp,

still fragrant.

A blushing robe


while nearby,

tucked in switch and


the catbirds’ songs

weave and flutter like

scattered, honeyed


— C.Birde, 5/17