Moss Portrait — An Image


“Moss” — C.Birde, 12/16


Moss —

tiny, ancient, uncomplicated;

toiling underfoot to

build soil and

purify air.

We tread in thunder,


— C.Birde, 12/16


2 thoughts on “Moss Portrait — An Image

  1. beautiful poem, capped by the rhyme at the end. your poem accomplishes the feat of making the reader aware of how moss is a kind of miracle. i would say as someone who lived in arid climates most of his life, that moss is, indeed, miraculous. the idea that “We tread in thunder” surprised me at first, but i can see that it is true, and that we to often create the thunder.

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  2. Thank you, again…sometimes, I feel like we are children, stomping (thunderously) about in our muck boots with little consideration as to whom we might be stomping on…Fortunately, the moss can withstand us. I wish all the natural world were as resilient.

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